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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2018 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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a curse. starting february third d. w. . this is the w. is live from berlin the tops of politician gone down in cost of zero all about iran of which was a prominent leader of ethnic serbs is not up there as a whole box of a political assassination triggering fears of renewed tensions between kosovo and serbia also on the program. the manual macro promises another clampdown on illegal migration the french president made his comments a cali port city that's become a magnet for thousands of asylum seekers trying to reach britain. thirteen brothers
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and sisters held captive in chains in their suburban home in southern california police charged the parents with torture. i feel gail welcome to the program a prominent leader of kosovo's ethnic serbs has been gunned down in front of his political party's office in the city of misrata in port said yvonne of each was pronounced dead in a local hospital after being found in the street with gunshot wounds to the chest his killing is likely to inflame tensions between serbia and kosovo a former province that declared independence a decade ago news of his death prompted the serbian delegation to walk out of e.u. mediated talks on. the w's front hoffman has extensive experience of reporting from the boat. welcome frank. rich is kidding looks like an assassination
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what are authorities saying well the doctor came out after he treated all of a van of which this morning saying that he probably was already dead when he arrived at the hospital he was shot as you just mentioned with five bullets and he was probably already debt right after that he had no chance to so wife half an hour later after he was gunned down here right at the hospital and i must tell you this this is a shocking events because i believe one of which was a leading figure of peacemaking in the balkans and so what are people saying about suspects not so much yet but it's obvious this region is a very nationalistic stronghold of serbian nationalist northern nature of its own and many experts are saying that we have to go into in that direction during a war and allies and it's very much likely that serve in national stand behind that as a nation tell us more about the vision the significance in over the course of the book
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they are not so many in kosovo that started to. give a hand to bain ians the majority of the overall majority in kosovo after independence and after the war he was a pacemaker he was building bridges to britain i was even a member of the government of the cause of a government in the united nations rule after the war of one thousand nine hundred ninety nine so since that war in one thousand nine hundred what have relations between cause of and serbia been like that not so much in the headlines now but very tough not very good relationships trips of course this is why these negotiations today that was scheduled that were scheduled today in brussels were so important it up with the first meeting of the one year. technical discussion group negotiators from belgrade and from krishna well to mate in brussels to keep the process going to move on again and to facilitate practical discussions. issues for
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the daily life of people especially in the northern part of the city of middle of it so that is divided between albanians and so now that he is dead what will that mean for those talks on for those ongoing negotiations about daily life look only two days ago the united states issued a travel vor and there were warning to go into north and middle bits of the serbian dominated part because obviously they fear that new tensions might raise especially after that as nation of today thank you very much for. thirteen brothers and sisters thought of being imprisoned by their own parents have been rescued from a house in southern california the victims ages range from two to twenty nine police say they were alerted by a teenage daughter who managed to escape. authorities were shocked at what they found hidden in this quiet suburb describing emaciated captives in foul smelling surroundings with padlocks and shackles. neighbors described the family as
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reclusive the children nearly invisible. they were the type that you didn't really get to know anything about them they were very for themselves and if so scottish so they only kept to themselves and so on and the only time you would see them he would never see them and visit he would never seen anyone come outside all you are really see is that. they go out maybe make a grocery run and that was about his. parents david and louise turpin were arrested after one of their children broke free and managed to find a cell phone to alert the police the couple are now prisoners themselves being charged with torture and child endangerment. but the photos posted by the couple on facebook in two thousand and sixteen portray a happy family. authorities will now be asking what went wrong.
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in the time we live and it's unfortunate to see that it's actually heartbreaking for the staff and. it's just it's unbelievable what you see. the thirteen children are now receiving treatment in hospital their parents are set to appear in court on thursday. france's president emanuel mccraw has been addressing security forces in the northern french port city of cathay he talks about migration policy including plans to create a more efficient system for people entering the country the speech came days ahead of a meeting in britain to discuss border controls between the two countries earlier on tuesday president micro visited a migrant migrant center where he spoke with staff and asylum seekers is probably is to speed up the processing of a sign of applications and to ensure that people who are unsuccessful are dealt with more firmly. on. the correspondent lisa looses in the french capital paris
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welcome lisa. also warned about brutality against migrants. yes absolutely he said that police officers should be exemplary in their behavior and then that if there were any incidents at all that the government would follow this up and actually impose sanctions if necessary but the french president today was specially delivering a message saying that khalid the times of khalid as a point of destination for migrants. say to say he called and pass a dead end and said that now migrants would be able to get through to the u.k. any more or very few of them and that they shouldn't go there that the government would provide necessary shelter for they say that we're getting there nevertheless however a associations wouldn't necessarily it with that statement of as a for some months now since the jungle the makeshift migrant camp that was there in
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cali has been dismantled has the situation improved since then. well the government says it has improved when you look at the figures yes at the time about you know half ago there were up to eight thousand migrants so to say living in that makeshift chatted makeshift camp hoping to get through to the u.k. now you've got between three hundred fifty and six hundred migrants however asea sions are saying these migrants will keep coming to color so we will need to keep providing what they need to live in a dignified way and the yet as asians are saying that the government is doing everything to prevent that really they are accusing the government of taking away tents and sleeping bags to make it impossible for migrants to set up a new night shift camp so as well as processing the asylum applications more efficiently france is the one also working on tightening immigration law what changes are being proposed well the government is working on that law the moment
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that could get through parliament in the coming months what they want to do is shorten the delays for my guns for immigrants to apply for asylum and also to appeal against a rejection of their asylum application now a.s. associations are saying that these delays might make it impossible for my kids who put in that location because they often have to wait weeks and weeks for appointments with the french administration to make actually these applications or to put in the appeals so this is also very tough and criticized by associations here this approach new approach by the government there's a nurse in paris thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world bangladesh an me and my have agreed a plan to repatriate more than six hundred fifty thousand injured muslim refugees to mina over the next two years we have now says it will allow the hindu to apply for citizenship the un refugee agency has warned that it's essential that refugees
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only be returned voluntarily. danish prosecutors have charged the submarine builder peter madsen with the murder of the swedish journalist kim wall a body was recovered from the baltic sea after mountain submarine sank last august and says she died in an accident police later raise the submarine which they believe he scuttled to destroy evidence. and construction workers were killed in colombia when a half finished a bridge collapsed the deck and a supporting tower tumbled nearly three hundred meters into a canyon near the capital bogota the bridge was part of a major new highway due to open in march of arches are investigating the cause of the collapse. pope francis is holding his first public a mass in front of hundreds of thousands in the chilean capital santiago its first official visit to the country amid a child sexual abuse scandal that has cast a cloud of the trip just before the mass pope francis begged forgiveness for what he called irreparable damage done to children who were sexually assaulted by
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priests in chile and he scandals greatly damaged the catholic church as image of the country several churches were firebombed in the days leading up to the visit. move it from religious affairs correspondent to martin a gasket welcome and thank you this trip is being viewed as particularly important why well it's one more attempt by the vatican in the in the future of this pope to repair some of the relations and some of the damage done to its public image in latin america so in a way this spoke is the first one to be said to live since john paul the second visited for it in one hundred eighty seven essentially offering what were seen then correctly in my in my in my assumption as support for the region even given the knowledge of the mound or for some knowledge of the amount of human rights violations so the vatican was seen by the latin american left by
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a large and she listened particular as a very close ally of very unsavory political figures i think that deceased the one first trip into one of these areas which actually tries to mend that so so that is the the background to the church is the catholic church is status within chile and a poem that is this is that is the problem of sexual abuse and a bishop who was appointed by the pope who may have shielded an abuser absolutely so on top of this which is sort of a story called the start of the story grievances in relation to the vatican and now we have also over the last ten years or so in latin america an increasing opening on the questions of sexual. abuse these both in particular has offered support to a bishop that was actually the assistant to who is the most infamous priest probably in the history mother newser of in terms of sexual abuse he was accused and it is said by some of his some of his victims or presumed victims that this
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bishop but also had actually protected. this is not quite clear this is not gone through cord so the question really remains sort of open nonetheless it clearly was a bit of a political misstep on the part of this pope. essentially but dressing somebody who came with this kind of credentials so pope francis in his speech expressed what he called his pain and he shaved over child sexual abuse scandals at how far is that going to go to address of the grievances of people have with the church itself not very far i mean this is sort of a gesture and i think that their gestures of this pope that quite clearly have a lot of political impact their gestures of this pope that very often fall into the category of just being jesters they think that this in a sense if it's not accompanied by a serious attempt an overt attempt that can be seen by the population and reburying some of them it's done by all of the stories of sexual abuse including bringing these cases to justice sensually be taking us just one more of the nice words that
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sometimes it's vatican offers nonetheless it is worthwhile saying that they are opening in that they ration these at least heartening. thank you a pleasure. in the opening round of this year's a first tennis grand slam the australian open novak djokovic just progressed to the next stage but actually may fundraiser had lines before his much on tuesday by holding a meeting with his fellow professionals they were discussing forming a player's union and the need for more prize money meanwhile world number two roger federer moved into the second round by beating today in straight sets in the women's singles maria sharapova beat german a touch on america two years after failing a drug test at the grand slam in melbourne. i set you up today to have both of you at the top of the hour leave you now with music from irish rock group group the crown prince but sing at the loans or be it an has died aged forty six this is one of the band's biggest hits from nine hundred ninety three.
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it's all happening. coming. your link to news from africa and the world your links to exceptional stories and discussions can you and will come to see their views on the king program tonight from for an example from the z. town i would say dead cold snap africa join us on facebook w.


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